Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2019 PTT State Cup tournament for the age group.

Boys Under 11 19 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 THUSC 08B Gold Newberg 2006-01CB11-2424   Rossano Rocha-Neves
 A2 United PDX 08B Black West Tigard 1203-01CB11-0018   Jonathan Wilkins
 A3 Bend FC Timbers 08B RED Redmond 0820-20CB11-0212   Jonathon Bullock
 A4 ETFC 08B Sevilla Black Eugene 0926-01CB11-9800   Porter Garrison-Terry
 A5 Capital FC Timbers 08B Orozco Salem 0902-01CB11-0260   Benjamin Orozco
 B1 EST 08B Red Troutdale 1608-01CB11-0422   Keegan Rogers
 B2 Westside Timbers 08B Copa TS Portland 2009-01CB11-1466   Dana Stilwell
 B3 FC Portland 08B Navy Beaverton 1810-01CB11-0025   Eihab Daoud
 B4 PCU 08B Red 1 Portland 1223-01CB11-1021   William McLeod
 B5 United PDX 08B Black East Portland 1203-01CB11-0007   Erik Miller
 C1 Westside Timbers 08B Copa Red Portland 2009-01CB11-1462   Jaime Ramos-Guijosa
 C2 FCSC 08B Juventus White Vancouver, Wa 3020-01CB11-0041   Vadim Tolstolutsky
 C3 WA Timbers 08B Red 1 Portland 3014-012B11-4224   Robin Bostwick
 C4 WUFC 08B Gold Beaverton 2207-01CB11-0011   Alex Hockborn
 C5 United PDX 08B Black South McMinnville 1203-01CB11-0161   Fernando Rodriguez
 D1 Westside Timbers 08B Copa White Hillsboro 2009-01CB11-1463   Elias Diaz Ojeda
 D2 IFC 08B International Portland 1619-01CB11-0166   Carlos Pantoja-Bedolla
 D3 ADF Portland 08B Vancouver 2209-01CB11-2019   Victor Garcette
 D4 Corvallis SC 08B Navy Corvallis 0925-01CB11-0005   Francisco Cisneros

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