Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2022 PTT Fall League tournament for the age group.
BU14 Timbers Premier Silver 11 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 ADF Portland
ADF 09B Pachuca
2209-01CB14-2062   Victor Garcette
 A2 ALBION SC Portland
ALBION SC Portland 09B Academy
2201-01CB14-0016   Jose Cruz-Flores
 A3 Bend FC
BFCT 09B Red
0820-20CB14-0023   Ian White
 A4 Eastside Timbers
EST 09B Red I
1608-01CB14-5689   Austin Rogers
 A5 Eugene Metro FC
Eugene Metro FC 09B Napoli Prem
0926-01CB14-0004   Guglielmo Attanasio
 A6 FC Portland Academy
FC Portland 09B Navy
1810-01CB14-0005   Louis Tanguy
 A7 Lincoln Youth Soccer
LYS 09B Red 1
1206-01CB14-0002   Kester Wise
 A8 NW United Soccer Academy
NWUSA 09B River Eagles
1617-01CB14-2091   Genaro Peralta Garcia
 A9 Portland City United Soccer Club
PCU 09B Red 1
1223-01CB14-0065   Ashton Betts
 A10 Saints Soccer Academy
Saints 09B Blue Premier
1229-01CB14-2130   Luis Hurtado
 A11 United PDX Soccer Club
United PDX 09B Premier Blue
1203-01CB14-0416   Dylan Lomanto